HM Sprint

Features of HM Sprint product


Existing splints have weak rigidity due to low adhesion caused by overlapping angle parts, such as with ankle and elbow applications.

HM SPLINT uses a special cotton yarn with superior elasticity so that bended parts can be completely elliptical with optimal adherence and support.

Wound prevention
Wound prevention

Existing splints can cause wounds due to friction with the skin due to overlapping folds. Existing fiberglass splints have a sharp cross section, creating a risk of damage to affected areas or to the user (practitioner).

HM SPLINT has no risk of friction as the folding part (caused by elasticity) maintains a perfect oval shape. HM SPLINT can prevent such a phenomenon thanks to its smooth cross sections. 

Treatment convenience
Treatment convenience

Existing splints require professional application

HM SPLINT is softer than conventional fiberglass products, allowing excellent molding. It is fixed with a compression bandage, for simple application on bended areas.

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