HM Cast

Short Arm Treatment Procedure

Short Leg Treatment Procedure

For other treatment procedures, please check the HM CAST procedure video on the New Cast Industry website.

Storage and Handling

Storage temperature of HM CAST should be maintained at 15-30℃.
Products that are not stored at the recommended temperature may not work correctly

HM CAST should be stored flat on an even floor
If the product is stored upright, it cannot be used because the hardening liquid inside the product will become concentrated and the strength of the product will be uneven.

Appropriate water temperature is 20-25℃. Soak the entire cast for 3-5 seconds and remove.
If only partly immersed or sprayed with water, the strength of HM CAST will be uneven.
If the water temperature is higher than the recommended temperature, there is risk of burns during application, and if the water temperature is lower, product strength will decrease.

The recommended temperature for treatment in the room is 20-25℃ with low humidity.
If room temperature is lower than the recommended temperature, set the water temperature close to 25℃, and if higher, set the water temperature close to 20℃.

When removing the moisture after dipping the HM CAST in water, gently shake off the moisture. Do not twist. 
If the cast is twisted, the hardening liquid will swell causing risk of high heat and burns during application.

HM CAST procedure must be performed in 1 layer.
There is a risk of high heat and burns when treated by folding more than one layer.

Before the procedure, be sure to check the thickness and length of the affected area and select an HM CAST of appropriate size.
Use the size (inch) HM CAST that suits thickness, and in case of excess length, the skin protector and HM CAST should be cut before application.
Stretching the HM CAST may result in reduced cast strength.

If high temperature (heat) is generated from the product during application, remove immediately, or immediately immerse the treatment site in cold water.
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